The number of pregnant women that face domestic abuse

According to the NYS Pram Survey (Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Survey) asking 2,636 women if they were pushed, hit, slapped, kicked, choked or otherwise hurt during the 12 months prior to pregnancy, 3.3% responded yes (4.3% of non-Hispanic blacks) or 4.5% excluding NYC (6.3% non-Hispanic blacks). Asking the same question to the same respondents about physical abuse during pregnancy, the percentages only drop slightly: 2.5% reported yes (2.9% among non-Hispanic blacks) or 3.4% excluding NYC (3.9% non-Hispanic blacks).

According to the June 2010 Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology article Intimate Partner Homicide Among Pregnant and Post -Partum Women by Dr. Diana Chen and Isabelle Horton, PhD, homicide is the number one cause of death among pregnant women and 1st year postpartum women. Women under 25, African American women and unmarried women are at a higher risk. These deaths most often happen within the first trimester.  The most common method is firearms.

In addition, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Violent Death Reporting System (2011) reports that 3 out of every 100,000 pregnant women have cause of death as homicide. Again, unmarried, women under 25 and black women have a higher risk.

These statistics justify the visual and message on the billboard. In addition, the image on the billboard projects a positive image that reflects love and compassion. Plus it is captivating and emotional.

Pastors: A pilot video is a standalone episode of a series of videos that will be used to promote an idea or a message. Here is one of the Issues4Life Foundation’s earliest “Issues4Life!” video episodes that both highlights the Foundation’s work in Black America and the very, very generous contributions to our first “Black Pastor and Wives” Conference by the American Life League‘s Culture of Life Studies Program. Thank you Judie and Mary. Lori and I know you’re listening. #BrothersWeNeedToTalk.

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation will be the featured speaker of the Anna Wittmann Symposium. The fall conference will be held at 4pm on Sept. 21, 2015 at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Mr. Bomberger will also be giving a special presentation on “The Social Injustice of Abortion” at 7pm on Sept. 21, hosted by Bishop Greg Parris and the Church of Love Faith Center at 700 Exchange Street.

Social Injustice Bomberger

lilaJoin us for a Presentation & Discussion with Live Action founder Lila Rose.

September 29, 2014, 11am & 4pm

Andrew B. Hale Auditorium

Roberts Wesleyan College

2301 Westside Dr. Rochester, NY 14624

Lila Rose is the president of Live Action, a new media organization she founded when she was fifteen years old. The group uses investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable and defenseless, and particularly the unborn.

Live Action’s undercover investigations into abortion facilities have been featured on practically every major news outlets, including CBS, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post. Live Action hosts the largest pro-life social media platform on the web, with over 650,000 Facebook fans and over 30,000 followers on Twitter. Using its student magazine The Advocate, in-depth education programs such as Live Action News, and cutting-edge social media techniques, Live Action works to lead the pr0-life movement to victory against the culture of death.

Lila is an international public speaker on family and culture issues. She was recently named among National Journal’s “25 Most Influential Washington Women Under 35.”

Pastor Jose Rodriguez of Bible Baptist Temple / Templo Biblico Bautista shares this powerful two minute interview. He asks how we can expect our young people to value human life at all when we teach them that they can kill their preborn children without consequences.

The question for our campaign is “Am I Not a Child?” Pastor Rodriquez answers, “If it’s not a child, what is it? And who determines that? If God doesn’t determine that, then we can justify anything, at any point…”

Dr. John Walker is the pastor of Faith Christian Center, in addition to his roles as Associate Professor of Business at Roberts Wesleyan College and Executive Director of Daniel and Friends. Dr. Walker speaks out in this video about the reality of abortion, and invites us to ask the penetrating question: “Ask yourself why people would try to convince you that it’s not a child. To what benefit is it to them?”

Dr. Walker notes the parallels between slavery, women’s suffrage, and abortion, continuing the theme of the Am I Not a Child campaign:  “We’re created in the image and likeness of God. We’re created with this great opportunity and potential. None of us are 3/5 of a person, as they said then. They used to say that women weren’t quite equal. They couldn’t vote because they didn’t have the capacity of men. Every time these ‘myths’ come up, we find out that they’re not true. So another myth is that having your baby is going to make your life worse off.”

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