Pastor Jose Rodriguez of Bible Baptist Temple / Templo Biblico Bautista shares this powerful two minute interview. He asks how we can expect our young people to value human life at all when we teach them that they can kill their preborn children without consequences.

The question for our campaign is “Am I Not a Child?” Pastor Rodriquez answers, “If it’s not a child, what is it? And who determines that? If God doesn’t determine that, then we can justify anything, at any point…”

Dr. John Walker is the pastor of Faith Christian Center, in addition to his roles as Associate Professor of Business at Roberts Wesleyan College and Executive Director of Daniel and Friends. Dr. Walker speaks out in this video about the reality of abortion, and invites us to ask the penetrating question: “Ask yourself why people would try to convince you that it’s not a child. To what benefit is it to them?”

Dr. Walker notes the parallels between slavery, women’s suffrage, and abortion, continuing the theme of the Am I Not a Child campaign:  “We’re created in the image and likeness of God. We’re created with this great opportunity and potential. None of us are 3/5 of a person, as they said then. They used to say that women weren’t quite equal. They couldn’t vote because they didn’t have the capacity of men. Every time these ‘myths’ come up, we find out that they’re not true. So another myth is that having your baby is going to make your life worse off.”

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Bishop David Singleton of Ark of Jesus Ministries and Celebration of Life Community, Inc. shares his passion for protecting the personhood of the preborn, and warns that due to abortion rates in Monroe County our Black community meets the criteria for an endangered species.

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